Synapse Sdn Bhd is a biotechnology company with strategic focus on development, validation and implementation of reference technologies. We are supported by cutting edge applications in laboratory management and information technology and take pride in providing unique products and solutions that can better the nature of conventional health care services. A focus on research and development, trial, authentication and adaptation of applications to client’s requirements is our distinguishing attribute. Our approach allows for improvement of current systems and facilitates innovative new technologies which guide the changing nature of health care.

In the business of biotechnology, a commitment to client needs, quality, continuing education, research and development and training is vital to providing solutions that are successful. At Synapse we firmly believe that quality, reliability and dedicated delivery of our services and solutions are crucial to our customers' productivity and success. Through our process driven protocols and unswerving commitment to quality we believe that we provide the “Advantage Synapse”.

Synapse operates though a network of partnerships and collaborations in South East Asia. The Company provides technology and solutions to clients through its facilities and affiliations. Click on the links below to view our presence.




SymBiot our proprietary laboratory information management system is a complete WEB BASED SECURE SYSTEM to provide connectivity between our clients and our facilities. The SymBiot is a simple and user friendly system which allows all clients to register specimens, order tests and print pre typed electronic requisition forms (with data typed and entered by client) at any location. You can also track specimens and view results on line.